Our Founder

Nasra Corbel

Nasra Corbel comes from a family of manufacturers in the Middle East, where oils are an essential part of one’s beauty routine. Her mother and grandmother taught her how daily use of oils nourished, healed and protected the skin and hair in harsh climates. She followed her passion to train in Grasse, to research the process of producing dry oils, which are used in French beauty. Now in New York, Nasra found herself in need of an oil treatment for her daughter’s eczema condition. With time slowed down during the pandemic, she took the opportunity to combine her years of passion, experience and knowledge to create Métamorphose New York dry oil.

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Mission Statement

To empower individuals in simplifying the integration of beauty into their daily lives.

With love for every detail


At Métamorphose New York, we aspire to bridge the gap between centuries-old natural wisdom and the modern lifestyle. Our products are a testament to the health and beauty benefits found in nature, expertly crafted for ease of use in today's fast-paced world. As the demand for organic and natural ingredients continues to surge, we're dedicated to supporting and nurturing this trend. Our commitment is evident in the quality of our ingredients, the effectiveness of our products, and their versatile, multitasking nature.

We align with the values of conscious consumers, championing reduced waste and sustainable sourcing, all while reconnecting people with the purity of ingredients in their natural state. In an era marked by the pursuit of minimalism and personal well-being, we recognize the common desire to streamline daily life and embrace functionality that safeguards emotional health.

Our innovative multi-use dry oil, for instance, simplifies routines by reducing the need for multiple products, thus reducing visual clutter and financial consumption. We aim to grant individuals the freedom to lead unburdened lives.

This concept of freedom extends to women in their entrepreneurial pursuits, as we design our partnerships to be supportive and liberating. Moreover, we're committed to fostering a work environment that embraces work-life balance, offering our team the opportunity to prioritize their personal well-being while unleashing their creative potential.

We envision a dynamic community where women share their stories, creating a network of support and encouragement. Our goal is to showcase how we can celebrate our unique qualities while recognizing the common threads that unite us. Métamorphose New York is more than just beauty; it's a movement, a lifestyle, and a community that celebrates the art of self-transformation.